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Garden Wesite moved to Tumblr

Hi everyone

The garden site has moved to Tumblr.  Here is the new address:

See you in the garden!

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GardenBookclub April 2013

Thanks the Ellen and Elliot for hosting our spring bookclub potluck!  We read Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food.”  Our feat included: white bean escarole soup, vegetable fried rice, mojitos, goat cheese and pickled beet crostini, and coconut ice cream!


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The New Cherry Tree is Blooming!


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March 2013 – Maintenance Day #1

The First Maintenance Day of 2013 was beautifula nd a lot got accomplished!  Thanks to everyone who worked in the garden yesterday.

The shed was cleared out and 2 new community beds were created – one in front of the grapevine and one next to the herb garden. The new member plot shelf was rotated to make room for the trellis and provide additional access to grape vine. Both of these beds will be added to the work assignment list and put under stewardship; they provide a great opportunity for new members interested in garden work assignments.

Here is the photo of the new bed next to the herb garden:Image

A small weeping white cherry tree was planted in the Children’s garden.   It requires 6-10 feet of space and will grow 8-10 ft. tall.  So exciting!  Thanks Marisel for coordinating this and thanks to Amy, Eric and Marian for helping plant this beautiful addition to the garden.


Lots of compost turning and sifting and moving.  The imminent compost capacity problem by trench composting bins 3 and 4.  Thanks to all the compost committee members who worked yesterday!


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Spring 2013!


Spring 2013 has arrived! The crocus and vinca minor are blooming, the daffodils and forsythia are on the way soon.

Our first Member meeting was St Patrick’s Day Sunday March 17th.  It was chilly!  We gathered in the garden.  We discussed and voted on proposals to clarify the Bylaws and adjust the Member Requirements to be more flexible.  Bill Rice offered to volunteer to coordinate carpentry projects including replacing wood on some raised beds that are falling apart.  Bill also asked for suggestions for a location for a children’s sunflower spot.  Jen reminded members to confirm their work assignments.  Anna Catherine presented the calendar of events.  Diane will be coordinating the Spring tag sale.

We are looking forward to another lovely year in the garden!



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Leaf Collection!

Recycle your Fall Leaves

at the East Fourth Street Community Garden

Leaves collected at curbside are treated as regular household trash. Don’t waste this precious resource! Keep leaves out of our landfills and help us create beautiful compost!
Please put your leaves in bags (preferably paper bags) and bring them to the garden. Please don’t bring branches, twigs, or trash.
Our garden is working with Project LeafDrop of NYCLeaves to recycle the leaves to improve local soil. For more information, go to
East Fourth Street Community Garden
179 East 4th Street
between Caton Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway 
10:00 a.m. to noon
Saturdays, November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
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Worm Bin Workshop – Aug 2012

Many thanks to Robert Gutierrez and Maria Clausen for an excellent hands-on worms composting workshop, and Dari, Melissa and Lisa from Friends of Greenwood for their help, time and support in making this a success!


Sunday 8/12 (TOMORROW) at the playground:
1-2 PM
Wonderful worms! A hands-on worm workshop
AGES 3-5
Meet near the shed

2-3:30 PM
come cook and eat with us!

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Art in the Garden Day

June 2d was Art in the Garden Day,  We had several workshops: Masako lead a knitting workshop, Mylinh taught a flower arranging workshop, there was a kid’s craft corner, and local artist and teacher Sherri Davis lead sketching and watercolor workshop for folks of all ages.

Here are some photos from the event:


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On June 8th around 7:30 there was a beautiful full rainbow in the neighborhood.  It looks like the end of the rainbow is in the garden!


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Fruit in the garden

Here is a photo of the apricot fruit and blueberry flowers, taken May 4th



And here are the blueberries on June 9th


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